Wednesday, December 15, 2010

titles ~ unimportant

Scratched price tags on the gifts you receive~ scream that a price was paid

Orange peels ~ for sweet revenges

Suicide ~ knowing that you can end your life anytime you want to. just the knowing ~ such a solace

Unstamped WinnieThePooh stamps on the handwritten letters you receive ~ first cutest

Live cricket matches ~ anytime. all for the mexican waves that die only after 5 whole rounds.and the sun-like floodlights

Takeshi's castle ~ must-enter

Darts and dart boards ~ with each dart you shoot, the bitchiness of life reduces. significantly

Funny videos ~ one of your wishes too is to die after you choke on laughter and tummy ache watching these?

Guys who watch jerry&tommy with nieces and nephews quarter their age and laugh as hard as the 8 year olds~ anytime. second cutest

Magnifying glasses, slingshots, big huge globes, harmonicas, sand timers, compasses ~ must-owns

Sanity ~ difficult to maintain

Pebbles on the streets ~ must-kicks

Tildes ~ lovely.lovely curves ~

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Beast and the Beast

I was walking on the shore,with her hand in mine...the sea waves were blissfully sweeping sand off my feet.... the horizon seemed nearer..the sky closer...i could see the tides kiss the shore each time further and further.... as if beseeching it to join them..I looked at her.Her gaze was vacant, fixed at some far away coconut groves.Her other hand held her sandals...was swinging if she  held a bunch of flowers....she slightly jerked her head to push those naughty strands near her lips, back.There must be a word to describe her poise... i thought...there must be a word to describe her for me at that moment....and somebody whispered 
We drifted a little deeper...let her knees touch the clear blue water.her demeanour was as mysterious as the depths of the mighty presence we were near..My heart as tumultuous as the tempest brewing somewhere far....
Just like the proverbial out of the blue...  
I stopped.she as oblivious as always,was stopped when her hand held tightly pulled her back.
She looked.No emotions...Just a glance. 
I knelt in front of her held her hand in front of my lips,looked her eyes..daring the depths..and said 
"I Love You"
She looked  and now i know, not at me.. there was a gentle smirk while she said....
"It's not deep enough."


Friday, September 26, 2008

*    Spit bubbles
*    Jedi maNNu and Kappe goodu
*    Sharaap-current,Lagori,Mysore ball
*    Pa bhaashe [ Nipingu gopotta?]
*    Cork balls made out of Katti kaayi which felt moist to touch and smelled finely raw;and the sound that came when one felt its stickiness by clasping the fingers tight and releasing them
*    Dinga and phakru of Balamangala; Tantri,Suppandi and Shikari Shambhu of Tinkle
*    Peeling fevicol out of fingers
*    The balloon-mama who used to add a li'l sooji into the balloon and stretch the elastic till we feared it would tear off,before blowing air into it
*    Clapping hands onto the ears and letting it go to experience the "Doppler effect" in noisy classrooms when the class teacher's out and the class leader is desperately adding plusses[+] in front of the names written on the black-board
*    Ajji pukka
*    GaaLipata & its baalangochi
*    Empty match boxes & the minchu-huLa

Friday, August 8, 2008

Of silence

Lazily humming the tune of 'Woh chup rahey tho mere dil ke daag jalte hain..',i look at the stars from over the terrace..
The song suddenly catches my attention..that one line- '....khamoshiyon se tho dil aur dimaag jalte hain..'..and i smile as my thoughts shift towards you....your silence..

I know your silence as very well as i know your jaunty talks..
Sushruth[whom i know only thru his blog posts] writes about deafening silence in his post..of silence that's never silent enough..
I shake my isn't's not's neither protesting nor accusing..

It is never awkward..never intrusive...Only dormant.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

sweet nothings

i know u long enough to remember your surname..and yet i find myself saying why didnt we meet earlier...i dont think too much about you..but just enough to wonder if you liked that movie as much as i did.. i fondly recollect you searching for me..walking with hurried steps to catch up with me..that innocent glee on your face...
may be we will part our ways as usual..may be we will hold on a little longer..
whatever..the pleasure is mine....

Monday, July 21, 2008

Its all about the country side..

Of long rides and big noisy gangs of boys...
of the watery destinations and lies told to mum,
between saving money and spending times our choice
risk to life and limb some say , oh come get some!

its not about the source or the destination,
its not about the "Daring youth of the nation"
Its not about the thunder of your bike, don't be so gung-ho,
Its all about the journey by the countryside bro...

its only the journey...its about where all you go!!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Purple HAZE

Standing on top of school buses on rainy july afternoons....waiting for all the teachers to pass thorough.....bullying younger kids to shut their mouths....begging the bus driver to wait for a few more minutes....all this just to pluck delicious, mouth watering, purple coloured jamoons off trees.....your pallet is confounded with a multitude of tastes....sour...sweet..bitter...and above all....a sensation in your mouth that you can't name.....and of course...the wonderful purple colour of you tounge.....
The tastes on my pallet are the same even now, when i buy jamoons off the roads.But even a unripe jammon tasted much more delicious when i used to pluck them off trees....